The fastest Bloxworth ever?!

An Elliot Brown Bloxworth was strapped to the wrist of Fraser Corsan as he jumps out of a plane achieving 249 mph in a wingsuit! Fastest Bloxworth ever? Might just be. 

Project Cirrus is summarised on their website as: "Sixteen years ago, Fraser Corsan was one of only 15 wingsuit pilots globally. Add all 1,300 of his wingsuit jumps together and he’s flown the distance from New York to Mumbai. He’s experienced over two days of continuous freefall. He’s fallen a vertical height equal to 108 times the distance from earth to space. But it will take all the experience, intelligence, strength and courage he can muster to conquer his greatest challenge yet: beat four wingsuit world records in two jumps and raise funds for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity." 

After years of planning, months of test flights and trials for the gear required, 2017 was the time for the attempts to happen and Fraser has been jumping out of planes last month (May 2017) hoping for the EXACT conditions to break records.

Fraser tried to beat four world records in 2 wingsuited jumps – Highest Altitude, Longest Time, Fastest Speed and Furthest Distance. Talk about setting yourself a task!  The hardest part of project Cirrus was the weather – there’s so much you can plan for but the weather just isn’t one of them. The project encountered lots of problems as are detailed in his diary on YouTube HERE.

Ultimately he got one world record out of the four – fastest speed horizontally in the world (249mph). Subject to final ratification Fraser is the fastest man on the planet without the aid of machinery, beating the previous record of 234 mph. In addition to the speed record; the team also have the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) UK and European records for the highest ever skydive at 35,508ft and the longest ever freefall made in the UK or Europe.

What a privilege  for us to have been included in this event and we salute the amazing bravery, skill and determination of Fraser to achieve what no one else has.

Project Cirrus is testament to the thirst for adventure we champion with our ambassadors and is an amazing achievement. The Bloxworth watch will be auctioned off for SSAFA the armed forces charity and we will update with the date so you can place bids.

Well done Fraser!

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