Working with great people

We recently had the pleasure of being re-acquainted with Shaun Baker - pioneering extreme kayaker and holder of 5 world records. One of those “actions speak louder than words” kind of guys who quietly goes about his love of adrenaline highs to achieve the most incredible pioneering feats in a kayak. He simply says “every day you just have to try something more difficult”.

Shaun epitomises everything we look for in an ambassador, his lifestyle and career put huge stresses on his watch and he gives us gritty, honest feedback about it’s performance in extremes.
Having an expandable clasp to fit over his summer and winter wetsuits is a new thing for Shaun who is used to wearing his watches super loose, like a bracelet because it was previously the easiest thing to do.

We’re proud to be working with such a pillar of the kayaking community.

Pictures © Darren Baker/

If you put your watch through extremes as a normal part of your job, as a result of your sporting passion or hobby and think you might be worthy of becoming an Elliot Brown ambassador, drop us a line telling us about yourself with a pic or two because we’re looking for people to help us continually test and develop our durable, handsome time pieces.

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