James Macfee introduces Clipper Race Leg 2

Today the Clipper Race gets underway once more on Leg 2. 3560nM from Punta Del Este in Uruguay to Cape Town South Africa.

Lively weather systems and lumpy seas will make this leg a bumpy ride with life at 45% being the norm.
The crews work split shifts 24 hours a day, often in what becomes an intense match race with little rest, no dryers, no heating and no showers yet speak to any of the crew and their eyes light up because there's something incredibly attractive about stripping back to life's essentials and being part of an amateur team faced with one of the toughest challenges.  As our ambassador Pip O'Sullivan abpard GREAT Britian points out in her blog from leg one, it's surely one of the greatest social experiments as well as the most exciting adventure.

We’re so proud to be the timing partner and fleet sponsor of such an immense race and it means we get to see and learn how our watches cope with the extreme conditions encountered during 11 months at sea.  All skippers, many crew members and our two ambassadors Pip O’Sullivan and James Macfee wear the Broadstone Clipper Race UTC ltd edition watch made especially for the race but equally capable at coping with life ashore.

James and Pip’s blog posts give a great insight into life on board.

Click here to follow the race (warning it's highly adictive)

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