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Would your watch survive?

Ever wondered what one of our watches might look like after 6 months of abuse knocking against boilers and pipes by day, then paddle boarding, surfing, salt water, mud, paint balling and mountain biking at weekends and evenings?

It wasn’t a question we’d asked ourselves until we met Mat, the venerable author of
He was rather sheepish at the suggestion of testing a watch long term given his track record of breaking watches at regular intervals but rather than keep his EB for “best” we asked him to wear it every day.

Mat is a Gas engineer - putting his watch through all manner of generally watch-unfriendly places like boilers and networks of pipes and brackets.  Out of work he enjoys nothing more than getting out into the waves or onto a mountain bike.  This sounded great - he could carry out an accellerated durability test, letting the watch soak up abuse during AND out of work.

He said it felt wrong putting a new Bloxworth 929-003 into this hornets nest of circumstances but we were keen to see how well it would withstand his particular variety of daily abuse and one of the lovely things about Stainless Steel, is that it develops a kind of fingerprint all of it’s own over time - collecting the odd scar or mark that might invoke a memory or event.  I think Mat’s watch probably has one or two more than he can remember but it hasn’t missed a beat.

There’s a link to Mat’s surf-report article below for his thoughts after 6 months of abuse but if you haven’t the time to read it, the pic above is his watch.

Watch conkers anyone?

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