Unseen improvements

We want our watches to work better, but more than that, we want them to work better unobtrusively.

That's tricky, but it's a worthwhile goal.

Every watch we've seen uses 2 metal posts (-'dial-feet') to attach the dial to the movement.


That's fine most of the time, but really severe impacts shear them off, which lets the dial rub on the hour wheel, which stops the watch, meaning a trip to your watchmaker to get a new dial.

Sometimes, though, only one dial-foot shears, and that's much more treacherous, as the dial will only movesometimes, and only slow your watch down sometimes, rather than stopping it dead. Your watch is unreliable, but you don't realise it.

So we looked around until we found a Swiss movement that had a 5-year battery, and was reliable, repairable, and could use 4 dial feet.

We had to persuade our factory that it was possible, as they'd never seen it done before, but they managed it.

And now we had a watch that was built a little tougher and worked a little better, unobtrusively.

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