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RNLI Special Edition

Some years ago, Elliot Brown co-founder, Ian Elliot was rescued from the Solent by the RNLI after getting into difficulties windsurfing in strong winds. He remains an RNLI supporter, enjoying many forms of water sport which makes this project all the more personal as it allows us to show our gratitude to the RNLI’s volunteers who set out in stormy conditions to his rescue.

The Canford and Kimmeridge RNLI Special Edition watches are the result of much time spent with volunteers and staff to give us a deep understanding of the RNLI and it's incredible work.  As part of the watch design, the RNLI very kindly re-commissioned the original rope and anchor emblem so that we could deeply machine into the case back, resting within the poignant words of RNLI founder Sir William Hillary; “WITH COURAGE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. 

After observing how proudly the RNLI emblem is worn by volunteers, use of the charity's flag mark on the dial was an essential detail that needed to be included as a mark of respect.  The deepest blue dial with over-sized luminous indexes, is mated with bold hands that provide the kind of instant clarity expected of a time piece with an emergency services connection.  The custom seconds hand is bright red and marries perfectly with the RNLI flag colours, creating a dial that's instantly ‘RNLI' yet understated.

The story of these special time pieces is made complete with the addition of a unique historic reference in the form of white and blue circular indexes positioned at the outer edges of the over-sized hour batons on the dial.  The colours hark back to the earliest days of the charity when the lifeboats were powered by oar and sail.  The oars were painted blue on the starboard side and white on the port side so that people could tell which way round the double ended lifeboats were rowing.  To this day, blue and white boat hooks are carried on the starboard and port sides of every offshore lifeboat and their continued use gave us the inspiration for the unique dial references which are one of those lovely  "if you know, you know" details.

Both models are ready for life on the water or land, fitted with our practical custom rubber straps that do a great job of bridging the gap between luxury and every day utility. The best part of the project is that by purchasing one of these special edition watches, your support for the RNLI will be both visible and valuable because from the sale of every watch, we are giving £35* back to the charity.


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CANFORD: 202-025-R01 RNLI Special Edition
CANFORD: 202-025-R01 RNLI Special Edition
  • $477.60
KIMMERIDGE: 405-016-R30 RNLI Special Edition
KIMMERIDGE: 405-016-R30 RNLI Special Edition
  • $453.60