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~ Free UK mainland shipping on all orders over £75 ~

~ Free UK mainland shipping on all orders over £75 ~

Are we OCD?

Had an interesting conversation the other day. It revolved around the detailing we're so obsessive about and someone accused us of being a little OCD.  We were quite flattered but it got us thinking… and concluded we're not, but possibly / definitely might have a few tendencies!  We like to think of it as passion for the little details.  When we first made a list of everything we wanted to include, it was fairly straightforward - just make the toughest watches, but it wasn't enough.  We wanted to make beautiful objects too and that's all about a mild obsession for the detail as well as the function.

The case backs bring the picture to life perfectly.  They needed to look achingly beautiful but also prove really comfy long term - that's why there are several different surfaces and a tapered edge to minimise the contact surface and reduce the tendency for the contact area to encourage perspiration.

So the the case back is stamped, bead blasted, laser etched, radial brushed and polished.  That's not all though…

It's bolted in position using hex bolts that we tighten to a specific torque.  Unlike the alternative screw-down case back,  bolting it down means we are able compress the anti shock elastomers surrounding the movement housing and the over sized seal to exactly the right pressure every time. It gives every watch a perfect seal and ticks another box in our mission to build the toughest time pieces.

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