Our Watches

Inspired by our coastal lifestyles, detailed for today's demanding audience. Our watches are built to be worn in the harshest environments.

The Beachmaster Collection

We were asked a simple question: Could we create a mission timer, ultra easy to operate but bullet proof just like all our watches. The answer is The Beachmaster® - A brand new Patented 24h GMT mission timer.

The Holton Professional Collection

This watch was developed in collaboration with a specialist branch of the British Armed Forces. The 101-001 model has a NATO stock number befitting its military issued status.

The Bloxworth Hali Collection

Elegant, classic, sporty; the Hali is sophisticated with a robust character and a well resolved palette of individual flair that allows each model an unmistakable personality.

The Bloxworth Heritage Diver

Beautiful dive watches inspired by classic sports watches from the 50’s and 60’s, detailed entirely for today’s demanding audience.

The Bloxworth Chronograph Collection

A classic ‘tech-diver’ chronograph designed for those who like a little more function, the Bloxworth is a true go-anywhere, do-anything watch.

The Canford Collection

The Canford typifies our watch making DNA perfectly. It’s quietly handsome, for those who don’t want their watch to shout too loudly, but with the elegance of a pre '53 Super Compressor.

The Tyneham Collection

An automatic you can wear and never worry about, equipped with exquisitely considered details. Everything you need packed into a case so proportionally balanced that it demands a second glance.

The Kimmeridge Collection

A muted palette of softly coloured leathers, durable bracelets, and graceful dials offer a wide choice - all carefully curated to compliment a wide variety of wardrobe shades.

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