The Kimmeridge Range

We were so often asked to make a credible, durable watch collection for smaller wrists that in 2017 we made it a reality. Everyone agreed the best-selling Canford was the right starting point but the challenge was always going to be working out what elements would constitute the perfect Elliot Brown feminine watch?

With a very patient and understanding designer we set to work and after nearly fifty versions of dial design (all black and white at this point) we finally agreed on 'the one'.  It was so intrinsically right that the chosen design made it through prototyping and into production without a single change – we like to make sure that our raw design ideas come to life as intended with no watering down or focus group meddling.


Kimmeridge watch

Watch design is a fine art; a delicate balancing act where the smallest alteration to something as simple as a line weight can throw out an otherwise perfectly balanced design. The Kimmeridge tested every part of our process but on seeing the end result, it was absolutely worth the effort.

A perfect example of 'less is more' yet so elegant.

Gone are our oversized instrumentation-style dial graphics and in its place comes slender, understated simplicity, imparting its elegance on all who wear it.



A muted palette of softly coloured leathers, durable bracelets, and graceful dials offer a wide choice - all carefully curated to compliment a wide variety of wardrobe shades.

Despite the elegant exterior, each Kimmeridge is built up and tested to the same exacting standards shared by every other Elliot Brown watch. Inside the finely brushed and polished marine grade stainless cases, lies a Swiss made 5-jewel Ronda calibre 715 quartz movement, protected by our unique shock absorbing housing. The crown is triple sealed to prevent dust and moisture entering the watch even when it’s extended into the adjust position and every watch has undergone three individual pressure tests – the final one in water at 200m.

It means you can wear our watches for any occasion without worry or concern for their wellbeing.



The dials are clear and easy to read with a custom date window at 4 o'clock and bright luminous ink flooding the hands that glows cool blue at night.  From crisp metallic white, to mother or pearl or characterful record grooves, every dial has its own character and with many choices of strap type and colour you can customise your Kimmeridge to perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Strap changes are a cinch thanks to the simple screw in bars so it’s easy to swap from a watch with practical utility to a look with a hint of luxury by fitting a bracelet.

The 3 link bracelet clasp contains a neat micro extension system operated at the touch of a button to extend it for fitment over a wetsuit or for a little extra room on warmer days.  It’s one of those features you didn’t know you needed until you’ve tried it.

The Kimmeridge takes its name from Kimmeridge Bay on Dorset’s Jurassic coastline – a very special place where the founders spend many hours in the water and on the coastline.



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