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We’re here to keep your watch on your wrist for years with all the parts, prompt attention and expertise you could hope for


Your watch is tough, but it's still assembled from precision components built to phenomenally tight tolerances, so try to avoid really hard impacts.

Washing your watch. Give it a rinse if (and when) it gets muddy or is used in salt water, to keep the moving components like the bezel working at their best, and then dry it off.

As with anything made of decent leather, it's best not to get leather straps soaking wet too often – if your strap encounters regular moisture, it’s best to swap it for rubber, webbing or a bracelet instead.

Using screwdrivers and strap bar tools. Always hold the tool between thumb and middle finger whilst applying pressure with your forefinger. Please don’t hold tools in the palm of your hand.


NB. Please make sure to state "RETURN FOR REPAIR" on the outside of the package if you are sending your watch from outside the UK.

Your watch has been engineered with years of specialist knowledge and experience, and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it'll serve you well. If it breaks within 5 years of the date you bought it because of something we did wrong, we'll put it right for you free of charge. Straps are guaranteed for 12 months - it’s a shorter period because straps wear at different rates depending on use. We don’t offer a warranty on strap retaining loops so please avoid over stretching or stressing them. If your watch breaks because of something unforeseen, because you treated it badly, or because someone fiddled with it, we'll put it right for you but there will probably be a charge.

Our repair costs generally come as a pleasant surprise and we pride ourselves on getting your watch back on your wrist as soon as humanly possible. Typically it takes less than 10 days from the date you sent it to us.

We will always be fair, we’ve seen more than 100,000 watches come across our servicing benches so we know when something’s up and how to fix it. Our watches are built so that components can be individually replaced or repaired but please don’t remove the case back yourself. Take it to an Elliot Brown stockist, an expert watchmaker or lightly wrap it and send it to us in a padded envelope with your contact details and a description of what needs attention.

The return address is:
Elliot Brown Servicing, Lake Yard, Poole, BH15 4DT

Call and speak to our in-house service team on +44 (0)1202 338600 between 08.30 and 17.30 week days or email us at

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