Your watch has been engineered with years of specialist knowledge and experience, and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it’ll serve you well.


If your watch breaks within 5 years of the date you bought it because of something we did wrong, we’ll put it right for you free of charge.

Leather, rubber and fabric straps are guaranteed for 12 months - it's a shorter period because straps wear at different rates depending on use.

If your watch breaks because of something unforeseen, because you treated it badly, or because someone fiddled with it, we’ll put it right for you, but there will probably be a charge.

If you'd like to return your item for an exchange, we'll send your replacement to the original delivery address.

Just call and speak to our in-house service team on 01202 338600 or email us at service@elliotbrownwatches.com

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