Our Collaborations

We enjoy collaborations with highly regarded organisations including Land Rover, the RNLI, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, and others we respectfully choose not to share. These relationships personify Elliot Brown in so many more ways than mere words.


We've always set our sights on working both philanthropically and emotionally with organisations and people who share our spirit, are best of breed and who share the same vibe. We're protective of our brand and what it stands for, it’s about making the right call. That call with Land Rover has been three years in the making.

Since 1948 Land Rover has been manufacturing authentic vehicles that represent true breadth of capability. In keeping with the new Defender’s ability and reductionist approach, this fit-for-purpose watch has carefully considered design cues at it’s core.

The watches are available at Land Rover showrooms and online from Land Rover. Read more


Mountain Rescue teams are run by volunteers who set out in all conditions and often at the most inconvenient time such as a Family Christmas to rescue those in difficulty. It was exactly such a call out that left a lasting impression with Co-founder Alex Brown having witnessed a rescue on Cumbrian TV as a teenager one Christmas.

We set about designing this first EB collaborative project with discretion and empathy, putting ourselves into the shoes of team members. The design needed to be subtle so that those in the know, would recognise the watch and those with no connection wouldn’t. No obvious logo on the dial but instead a subtle embossed black on black imprint of the MREW cross and mountain emblem that's only visible in the right lighting. Read more


Since his rescue by the RNLI in the mid ’80’s, It has been an ambition of co-founder Ian Elliot to repay some of the very personal gratitude felt towards the volunteer charity so vital in saving his life and the lives of others at sea. He was windsurfing in the Solent in very strong winds when trouble struck and after a long swim, the inshore lifeboat picked him up a good couple of miles downwind from his launch point. His rescue left a deep sense of indebtedness.

Ian is what you might call a waterman, an avid surfer, windsurfer and more recently a SUP surfer who’s always watching the weather with a board or two always kept in the van he keeps at the office.

The similarities in ethos between the two organisations are many, a history centred around the water, exhaustive testing and evaluation, geographic location on the water in Poole, watches built to the same kind of exacting standards as the equipment used by the lifesaving charity. Read more


In 2014 we agreed to support firefighter Billy Taylor in a race to row across the Pacific. The Pacific! As a founder of the Spotlight YOPD charity for young onset Parkinson’s Disease, Billy managed to raise huge awareness during the arduous race. Astonishingly, his team secured not one but two world records and his Elliot Brown watch didn’t miss a beat despite taking a pounding over the 100+ days duration of the race.

A little while later Billy’s friend and fellow firefighter Scott Butler was about to set off and break records of his own rowing the black sea then climbing Mount Elbris (as you do). Almost literally on the start line, Scott realised he didn’t have a watch. Without hesitation, Billy gave him his, and it survived another epic, challenging journey, keeping perfect time throughout. Read more


As a rule we don’t focus-group or conduct marketing studies, so this is a first: the first watch we’ve designed with any external input. What makes this watch special is the audience the input came from.

It was designed in collaboration with a specialist branch of the British military because their operators preferred wearing the EB watches they’d purchased privately as part of a charity project.

Hearing the comments of operators, a senior member approached to ask if we would consider designing a new watch that would eliminate the problems they continually experienced with their current watches: losses caused by broken spring-bars, awkward bezels that didn’t work with gloved fingers, water-entry, torn straps, not durable enough for harsh, kinetic conditions, and we were happy to help. Read more