The Tyneham Range

An automatic you can wear without anxiety, the Tyneham is equipped with exquisitely considered details. Everything you need and nothing you don’t packed into a 41mm case so proportionally balanced that it demands a second glance.

Tyneham collection is inspired by one of our favourite UK coastal retreats and built to thrive in harsh conditions. Competence is delivered in many guises and there’s something incredibly satisfying in knowing you’re wearing an object of such detail yet ultimately so capable.



Solid steel backs are precision engraved with hand drawn contour lines from Tyneham Cap on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast or choose the limited edition numbered display back to reveal the beautiful movement and custom rotor through a sapphire window (denoted by a D for display in its model code).

The Miyota 9130 Japanese automatic is a beautiful piece of engineering chosen for reliability, but because it's inherently more delicate than it’s quartz cousins, it has a two-stage shock absorption system to protect it. The first line of defence is a movement cage, surrounded by our proprietary shock absorber allowing the whole assembly to float inside the outer case. Secondary shock resistance comes in the form of the balance staff shock protection system built into the movement. It means that although it’s an auto, the Tyneham will take the kind of punishment Elliot Brown is renowned for. The Miyota 9130 also hacks and can be hand-wound. (Hack means you can pull the crown out to stop the movement spring running itself down)



The recessed 2mm sapphire crystal is protected by a perfectly proportioned stainless steel outer bezel. That would normally be the end of the story but not for us. Every Tyneham bezel is individually case-hardened so it’ll remain largely scratch free for years as it’s six times harder than marine grade stainless.

The crown is ergonomically positioned away from the wrist and neatly recessed into the case for increased durability. We've knurled it with a parallel hobnail design for optimal grip and finished each one to perfectly match the case. Triple seals ensure it remains fully sealed even when extended.



At 1h on the dial, there’s a discreet but oh so useful 42h power reserve indicating the state of the mainspring winding and each dial has been carefully paired with precision printing or raised metallic indices to create completely different styles that make up the collection.

There are two styles of hands, both bold and inspired by traditional instrumentation. Each style complimenting the dial and colour palette. The white Superluminova detailing glows a very cool blue.



Each and every watch is only declared fit for use once it has passed our unforgiving pressure tests culminating with pressurisation in water at 300m. It’s just one of the inventive and well publicised tests we undertake to make sure that every watch is fit for purpose.

A refinement of the solid strap attachment bars means strap changes are simply managed with a single tool that locks into a 5 lobe recess machined into the end of each bar. The Tyneham strap line-up includes a smart soft grey wool felt edition – incredibly stylish whilst remarkably durable. All other Elliot Brown straps fit the Tyneham which means there are literally 100’s of customisation options.

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