How the Bloxworth Hali, Ladies Watch came about


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Bloxworth Hali Ladies Watch by Elliot Brown WatchesWe knew exactly what the target was when creating Hali, our second ladies collection. Elegant, playful, petite, yet blessed with our unique DNA, meaning thrills and adventures are no problem.

When work commenced on Hali, resolving the design intricacies was a relatively smooth process (for us!) having lived and breathed Kimmeridge for a few years. We’re really proud of the result. It's sporting yet elegant with a petite dial that’s perfectly legible yet there's our renowned durability running through every miniaturised component. Every dial is painstakingly assembled using two layers made from solid brass then coated multiple times before the raised indexes are applied.

Bloxworth Hali ladies watch dial

Creating the tiny yet fully, functioning divers bezel with perfect clarity and grip was one of the harder elements. Gents dive watch bezels classically involve a coloured insert, setting off paler timing indexes. That just didn’t work for Hali.

Did you know the Bloxworth Heritage Diver, Chronograph and Hali models share several design features specific to all Bloxworth models? One of which is a third chamfered surface on the shoulders of every case, helping to create a pebble-like smoothness whilst reducing apparent volume on the larger cases.  It’s a detail we naturally carried over on Hali with the smallest touch of sparkle by finely polishing just the chamfered surface. It harmonises perfectly with matching polished details on the external divers bezel and domed crown. It’s a feature we really love because it works so discretely yet adds the subtlest touch of class without ever being too shiny. We’re not a particularly shiny or ‘showy’ brand as a rule and if you weren’t reading this, you might never notice this intricate detail.

Bloxworth Hali ladies watch case

To maintain a simple elegance AND function, the all steel bezel design with raised numerals, finely polished against a matt background, was the absolute favourite and it allowed us to sneak in some CZ crystals in matching rectangular mounts. There are models without CZ’s of course for those who prefer less sparkle. Look closely and there’s a tiny polished bevelled edge just above the coin edge grip of the bezel adding zest to the other finely polished highlights.

The ‘sandwich’ (two layer) piano white and mother of pearl dials mirror the gents Heritage Diver but with their applied indexes flooded with BWG9 Superluminova. It’s matching white by day, but glows in the coolest iridescent ocean blue at night. Look closely and the non CZ models feature subtle blue dial text adding the smallest hint of colour whilst mother of pearl, white dial with CZ and gold/steel CZ models are set off with monochromatic black text.

A sporting watch needs a crown (winder) that enhances overall design and it’s one of the few elements we were able to sucessfully reduce in size, mirroring that of the larger Bloxworth Heritage Diver models, domed and polished and out of harms way at the 4H position.

With it’s petite proportions, a collection of specific straps were created by the very talented ladies who make up 2/3rds of our HQ team with free reign to create the perfect palette of considered strap colours and types for summer, winter and just about any occasion.

Bloxworth Hali Ladies watch on Teal Blue strap

Our unbreakable yet fast changing strap bar system works so well it is carried through this model to hold straps with total security. Solid bars with pointed ends find their way through the strap and watch shoulders, fastened using the petal shaped tool that neatly locks into the end of the bar and of course the straps marry up neatly to the cases with flush fitting ends designed to elegantly fill rather than leave a gap at the watch case.

Double butterfly five link bracelets are brushed and finely polished to complete the jewellery aesthetic without compromise when it comes to expedition-ready durability. In fact every element of the Hali collection is made to the same exacting standards as our other watch models that are the go-to choice amongst military and adventuring communities.

Bloxworth Hali on bracelet

Designing this collection was a joy and not being afraid to go with our instinct seems to have paid dividends. Releasing Hali into the world was a proud moment and if you’re lucky enough to own one, we hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we did creating it.

 Bloxworth Hali ready for adventure

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