Elliot Brown Special Projects

Quietly, behind the scenes, we’ve designed and produced bespoke watches for Military personnel and groups within the Security and Intelligence communities since day one.


Every project comes via word of mouth recommendation from those in the know, and staying true to the ethos of many of the clients who commissioned them, we never speak publicly about any of them and most have never been seen outside of our office except by their owners.

Our design language is understated and restrained with nuanced details that distil a group’s esprit de corps in a way that’s meaningful and personal to the owner yet remains opaque to the wider world. We never print a bold insignia on the dial and pretend that makes a watch special: there’s much more to it than that.

As with every Elliot Brown watch, a Special Project watch is designed to withstand the demanding requirements of military and kinetic personnel; we don’t build safe-queens or ‘investments’ - we build watches to wear and enjoy.

If your organisation or unit are interested in discussing the possibility of creating a bespoke Elliot Brown watch, please get in touch with the Special Projects team at:

Or visit us in person at our offices by the harbour in Poole.