Sizing & Fitting

Your watch is only as good as the strap it’s fitted to, that’s why we go to extraordinary lengths to make our straps a delight to use.


Our mens watchstraps have a 22mm width fitting. Each strap type wears slightly differently and all are designed with the outdoors in mind.

We don’t recommend leather, felt or canvas if it’s going to see a lot of use in water or moist conditions. Bracelets, rubber and webbing straps are a better choice.


Leather deployant straps range from 150-205mm and snap closed to the correct size every day. Canvas deployant straps come up very slightly longer at 155-210mm as do the woollen felt straps. Military webbing pin buckle straps range from 120-220mm (There’s a longer version in black up to 235mm) Webbing clamp buckle straps range from 100-220mm. Long versions extend up to 250mm.

Rubber straps with pin buckles fit wrists from 140-195mm. Rubber straps with a deployant buckle fit wrists up to 210mm and can be cut down for any smaller wrist size. Bracelets fit from 145-195mm in standard size although any number of links can be added, plus the divers expansion clasp gives a further few millimetres additional length when required. The watch case size has a small impact on overall strap sizes, for example the 41mm Tyneham comes up 3mm shorter than the 44mm Canford or Bloxworth. If you let us know your watch type when you order a strap, we’ll match the buckle colour to your watch.

WOMEN'S STRAPS 20mm or 14mm

Our women’s straps have a 20mm width fitting (Kimmeridge) or 14mm width fitting (Bloxworth Hali) and come in oiled leather, soft rubber, Milanese mesh bracelet or 3/5 link bracelet with deployant clasp. Changing straps is very easy by simply unscrewing the solid strap bars from the watch case with the tool provided.

If your strap is likely to be wet or moist on a regular basis, we recommend rubber and stainless steel straps, rather than leather as they’ll dry quicker and are unaffected by moisture


Leather straps range from 120-180mm. Rubber straps fit wrist sizes 135-185mm. bracelets range from 125-185mm in standard size. Any number of links can be added plus the divers expansion clasp gives a further 4mm or 9mm additional length when required.

Milanese style mesh bracelets provide an impressive range from 130-205mm. If you’re changing straps, let us know which watch model you have and we’ll match the buckle to your watch.

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