Our Ambassadors

We are lucky to have met some amazing people and friends who we’re proud to call our ambassadors; all different, all with a purpose and an amazing story.
Jonny Pain Hybrid Coach and Athlete
Jonny Pain Hybrid Coach and Athlete
Jonny Pain Hybrid Coach and Athlete and Elliot Brown Beachmaster


A Brazilian Ju-Jitzu and MMA fighter to a professional, certified strength and condition coach; specialising in hybrid athlete training, Jonny has stepped back into the ring to push himself in four extreme ultra marathons. Unplugging himself from the technology and stats of a smartwatch, Jonny will be putting the Beachmaster to proper use as a mission timer in some of the globes harshest conditions.

Graham Gannon

A Northern Irish Kelp Farmer, Deep Sea Diver and father on the Ard Peninsula. ‘Feamainn’ (Seaweed) is his journey. When asked what drives you to explore, he said “I guess the fear of mundane, monotony of existence, the quest for knowledge, experience and fulfilment the older I get the more this is evident to me now. ” Graham’s Holton Professional has been on over 200 dives with him in the last year alone. Read more

Steve Bate

‘Riding Light’ is the story of our ambassador Steve Bate MBE. Steve’s thirst for adventure and constantly learning new skills is as undeniable as it is contagious. His acceptance of his condition Retinitis Pigmentosa (a rare degenerative eye condition) has enabled him to undertake awesome feats of endurance including becoming a Paralympic Gold Medalist and being the first partially sighted person to climb El Capitan, Yosemite.

Chloe Coxall

Bushcraft instructor, training arborist and single mum, Chloe's love for the wild is driven from her personal journey through hardship to reflection, self confidence and feeling content. Her dream is to teach the next generation, to support our children to learn and grow in nature’s playground and to build the foundations of her own bushcraft and survival school in the woods local to her. Watch this space and see Chloe turn this dream into reality.

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