Special Boat Service Association Watch

The Special Boat Service Association is a registered charity that exists to provide discreet and timely welfare, and physical and emotional support to serving and retired members of the Special Boat Service and their families. They are unique and special because they are one of a very small minority of UK charities, which, by necessity, operate entirely out of public view. They provide these very special people and their families with the help that they deserve, should a need arise.

Membership of this unique family is for life, supporting widows, children, and veterans, as it is not unusual for physical and psychological injuries to manifest themselves later in life. It also makes a significant difference to the men at the front, in the knowledge that if the worst should happen, they and their families will be cared for.

The bottom line is that the SBSA make a real difference to their people, men women and children, when the chips are down.

We are very proud to have been commissioned to supply the SBSA with a special edition Canford commissioned for their members, and to be able to play a small part in supporting them.

A small number of these special edition watches (sometimes carrying additional customisation or unique history) have been auctioned at specific fundraising events and we’re proud to say these watches have helped raise a significant amount of money for our friends at the charity.

The SBSA Canford features a unique charcoal grey sunray dial and a custom deep-etched caseback, and is supplied on a rubber strap, with an additional webbing strap included.

This model is not available for sale to the public. If you ever see one for sale please get in touch.

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