STR-N15: Black Webbing Strap


22mm black. Subtle, technical, matt, so soft and quite unlike any other black webbing strap. 

Buckle:Gunmetal PVD
Full Description

22mm black. Subtle, technical, matt, so soft and quite unlike any other black webbing strap. 

Buckle options: matt steel, gunmetal and Bronze.

Woven for us by Bowmer Bond in Derbyshire, UK using a recommissioned Victorian shuttle loom called Dolly. We fed her with soft textured yarn, dyed in small batches to produce beautifully technical slices of fabric complete with durable double selvedges unique to the loom.

These straps are ultra light, fast drying, virtually unbreakable and low profile, whilst feeling like a comfort blanket next to sensitive skin. The yarn is treated with lifetime anti-bac so even if you don't wash it too often, it won’t smell.

It’s one of the longest straps we make but you'd never know because the adjustable end tucks away neatly on the inside, leaving the tip at the perfect length to tuck under the hinged retainer built into the buckle, so there's no bulky material left to fold or tuck away.

The patented clamp buckle is a tower of strength and a cinch to operate, providing millimetre perfect adjustment for a perfect fit every day.

Think of it as version 2.0 of the typical NATO/Webbing strap. Every area re-designed to make it comfier, lower profile, more breathable, less absorbent, longer lasting.

We hope you love your new strap but if you'd like to return your order, our returns policy is on our site here


  • Patented hinged clamp buckle for security and infinite adjustment
  • Soft comfy 22mm webbing, double selvedges, lifetime anti-bacterial treatment
  • Fits wrists up to 215mm and watches with lugs of 22mm (down to 20mm with a slight pinch)
  • Larger version available for wrist size up to 240mm / 9.5"
  • Ultra light weight, silent, strong and low profile
  • Fast dry weave pats dry with a towel

Strap fits
  • Bloxworth Chrono
  • Bloxworth Heritage
  • Canford
  • Holton
  • Tyneham
  • Kimmeridge

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