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A simple strap change is all it takes to totally change the look of your watch. Just like our watch collections, you'll find an obsessive attention to every detail in our straps and accessories.


Elliot Brown was conceived with years of unique experience making millions of watchstraps (and quite a few watches) for the demanding outdoor and board sports communities. You could say watchstraps and watches are in our blood. Creating elegant, functional strapping with the same DNA as our watches places immense scrutiny on every aspect of every strap which is why we leave no stone unturned to create the absolute best straps we know how to make. The development never stops.

Many straps have a flush fitting where the strap meets the case. It’s one of those nice to have details that as engineers we love to include, like the leather deployant clasps that neatly adjust once then simply click closed, bracelet buckles with wetsuit micro extension or breather lines inside rubber straps that are hand drawn contours from Tyneham Cap on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. The details matter. View our straps


When looking at a new watch, the box or case is rarely considered, so we thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we did a little show and tell: Hand stitched book binding fabric, inside the watch sits safely on a branded cushion with a strap change/adjustment tool and instructions tucked in the back pocket.

Please note Holton watches come in a hybrid zipped travel case.

This is our humble travel case. Place the watch around the inner cushion, push back into the case and bingo, you could have a game of footy with it or better still, use it on your travels and it’s perfect to send your watch back to us for servicing. View our cases


All of our watches come with a tool. It’s to adjust the bracelet links or will fit into the strap bar to change straps. We have two strap bar systems – double ended bars with slotted screw fittings or single ended screw in bars with slotted or socket fitting and a single socket tool. This upgrade kit converts slotted double ended bars to the socket fitting. (Strap purchases include a new tool if you let us know which strap bar type you have.)

We carry spares of most things. We make watches using interchangeable components so if you ding the glass whilst climbing a rocky precipice or your bezel takes a hit from the pavement that jumped out on you during a big night out, we can bring your watch back to it’s former glory. Some folks like a watch with a few scars, but if you’re not that way inclined, repairs are very fairly priced so even if the worst happens, it’s not going to be too painful (on your pocket at least). View our tools

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