Beachmaster® Professional with unique timing mechanism, so original is it’s functionality it has been granted a patent.

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Beachmaster, our apex mission timing watch, 4 years in the making, limited to 500 per model and so original it possesses a patent.

Initially imagined in response to a request at a Royal Marines event then finely honed into the most capable watch we have ever put our names to. Aptly named Beachmaster due to it’s natural mission timing link with the D-Day landings.

‘Imagine you’re nine hours out from mission start, simply rotate the split scale inner bezel and set it nine hours in advance of the GMT hand. The GMT hand will count around the bezel scale to H hour, mission start, then automatically begin it’s journey around the second half of the split inner bezel, counting up to a rendezvous say 11 hours after H hour, mission start.’ What is it they say about the simplest ideas..?

At the same time it’s a GMT automatic with ceramic 60 minute uni-directional divers bezel. Powered by a high grade Swiss Sellita SW330-2 Automatic with 56h power reserve, a heart encased in body armour within a highly effective movement shock protection system. 

Every detail of this watch is discreetly ruggedised to shrug off all typical areas of weakness. Every component over engineered to out-perform the demands any human is likely to endure, including 100% testing in water at 300m.

This high end specification is further enhanced by subtle story telling, a signature ethos applied to every one of the special project watches we’ve been fortunate enough to create but choose not to talk about due to the discreet nature of the audiences involved.

The dial is deftly split into outer and inner dials divided by the finest metallic border, framing a textured inner dial with subtle wavy texture, created from the NATO symbol for amphibious assault.

A double arrow GMT hand is simultaneously capable of displaying a second time zone via the inner 24h track whilst also referencing the split inner 24h timing bezel for mission timing duties.

View the watch at night or in poor visibility and everything changes. High grade Superluminova glows blue for mission timing and green for normal time checks. Simple, functional, elegant.

The case back is of course perfectly straight and true because it’s precisely bolted down, compressing the oversized seal perfectly whilst tensioning the movement shock protection system. If the watch descends into a high pressure environment, the case back seal increases effectiveness like a compressor case back. In the centre zone, the word Beachmaster is deeply stamped and polished above the wave NATO amphibious assault symbol. An octagonal frame represents the ‘spatial placement symbol’ from the NATO APP-6(C) Joint Military Symbology manual, used to control the proportions of all NATO battle space signage.

The features don’t stop there.

One turn of the high grip upper mission timing crown is all you need to ‘feel’ our obsessive pursuit of detailed perfection. As the inner bezel moves, spring-loaded ceramic ball bearings plunge in and out of precisely machined chambers, securing the bezel at the required mission start time. If you enjoy mechanically satisfying objects, you’ll appreciate the skills required to deliver a detail so functional but delightful to operate.

Guiding the eye to each unique function set of the Beachmaster is the work of intense refinement, culminating in carefully curated numeric line weights deployed at ten minute intervals within the matt ceramic bezel without the visual framing often created when adding a minutes track. The bezel design alone imbues Beachmaster with a classy simplicity but as with everything else on this unique time piece, it’s the simplicity that adds to its function.

To read on, jump into this blog post from our Journal for the full Beachmaster story. 

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• Swiss made high performance Sellita SW330-2 automatic movement with 56hr power reserve and independently adjustable 24hr/GMT function
• 40mm satin brushed stainless steel case with polished detailing
• Subtle matt wave ‘amphibious assault’ graphic in the dial centre
• Deep matt black dial with 3D applied indexes
• Waterproof to 300M/1000ft; individually tested
• Timing graphics: S2 white Superluminova, glows blue
• Hours, minutes, seconds: X1 C3 green Superluminova, glows green
• External matte black ceramic unidirectional 120 click rotating bezel with X1 BWG9 white Superluminova
• Bi directional rotating Internal bezel with click-lock ceramic ball bearing mechanism and X1 BWG9 white Superluminova
• Scratch resistant domed sapphire crystal with anti reflective coating
• Custom hobnail knurled crowns at 2H and 4H
• Easy change screw in strap bars with socket heads
• Personal laser engraving included
• Solid link stainless steel metal bracelet with ratchet divers extension + rubber strap with deployant buckle also included.
• Bespoke Beachmaster challenge coin
• Patent No. GB2509109


  • 9H-3H - 40mm case excluding crowns
  • 41mm divers bezel
  • 12H-6H - 50mm max to tip of case shoulders
  • Maximum thickness - 14mm
  • Strap width - 22mm


Use in water:
Ensure your crown is firmly screwed down before use in water. Please note that use in water with the crown unscrewed will void your warranty.
When used in salt water, give your watch a good rinse in fresh water turning the bezel to rinse salt from under it.

Second Time Zone:
To set the GMT hand to a different time zone, unscrew the lower crown, gently pull until it clicks to the first position, rotate clockwise. The GMT hand will advance in half hour segments aligned with the current time. Use the inner 24-hour track to set the GMT hand to your chosen time zone.

Mission Timing:
To count down to an event up to 12 hours in the future:
Align ‘H’ on the internal timing bezel to the time that the event starts.
The number of hours until the event starts can be read directly off the scale on the inner bezel in conjunction with the tip of the 24-hour hand.

The mission timing function can be used no matter where the 24-hour hand is set to.

Once the 24-Hour hand has reached H, it will automatically count up the other side of the scale to an event in the future, for example to rendezvous a set number of hours after mission start.

To count up from an event:
Align the ‘H’ on the internal rotating bezel to the time that the event starts.
The number of hours since the event has started can be read directly off the scale on the inner bezel in conjunction with the tip of the 24-hour hand.

To count down to an event up to 60 minutes in the future:
Align the triangle on the external rotating bezel to the minute that the event starts.
The number of minutes until the event starts can be read directly off the scale on the outer bezel in conjunction with the minutes hand.

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