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The Webbing Utility Strap Reinvented

Elliot Brown founders Ian and Alex enjoy a long history in the watch industry and an even longer one making watch straps. They have always had sights set on a version 2.0 of the NATO webbing strap with all its unique elements but smarter, classier, more technically competent and with a credible story. Three years from conception, they have achieved just that.

The webbing is woven specifically for Elliot Brown by a traditional family run business, Bowmer Bond in Ashbourne, Derbyshire UK where they recommissioned a Victorian shuttle loom called Dolly, fed her with small batch dyed, textured yarn and set about creating a beautifully technical slice of fabric.

The patented buckle; plucked from Alex’s mechanical brain, is an engineering gem and typical of Elliot Brown’s inventive detail. Designed to hold the webbing securely in a hinged clamp and ladder lock, the patented buckle is a power of strength, ultra low profile and a cinch to use.

It’s the perfect marriage of crafted durable webbing and minimalist buckle who’s end result is the ultimate in fit-for-purpose straps.

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